At 51 years old I was at a crossroads.  I was overweight and my blood pressure had reached the point where medication was necessary to control it.  I knew I had to do something but diets were never successful.   Dr Angelino and his team were recommended and they helped me change my lifestyle and quickly reach my goals.  Combined with regular exercise, Dr A and his team assessed my physical condition and recommended a diet and hormone supplements to get me back in shape. This isn’t a weight loss gimmick, it is a structured program with regular contact with Dr A and his team to make sure I was on track and changing my lifestyle so the weight will stay off. Their “whole body” approach made it very easy to stick to the program and I’ve never felt better.  In a few short months I’ve lost 35 pounds and am no longer taking medication for my blood pressure.

I highly recommend Dr Angelino and his program!

Chris L.

I met Dr. Angelino after witnessing the remarkable change I noticed in my Zumba instructor.  When I asked her to reveal her secret she educated me on plant-based pellet therapy to balance her hormones, her diet, and put me in touch with their office in Chappaqua, NY. When I began my journey with Dr. Angelino and Donna (RN) I was a size 16, weighed 185 pounds, I’m only 5’4”, had no energy, had heartburn all day every day, was not interested in sex, and just didn’t feel good physically and mentally.  My journey began late January 2019, where they placed me on plant-based pellet hormone therapy and a strict high protein diet. During my last visit in June, I weighed in at 152 pounds, size 10 and have not had heartburn since February, my energy level has greatly increased and oh, the sex is really good. I still have a bit more weight to lose but am sure that will occur shortly. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to regain control of his or her life again. My quality of life has returned, I’m 64 years old and it’s about time.