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Improve circulation and skintone with cryotherapy treatments

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a process using liquid nitrogen to achieve healthy-looking skin and improve circulation as more oxygen moves to the treated areas. This treatment is ideal for anyone with dull, tired-looking skin in need of a refreshing glow.

Patients may also choose a cryofacial, also known as “frotox.” This type of facial focuses on using liquid nitrogen over the facial area for 2-3 minutes. Results appear quickly, within approximately 15 minutes of the treatment. A typical treatment will last for 3 to 5 weeks. More permanent results will typically build as you get the facial done frequently.

We do offer packages for certain numbers of visits. For those wanting frequent or long-term treatments, we offer several plans to meet your needs. Please contact us for pricing and details.
Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for joint or muscle pain and promotes faster healing for injuries. This type of therapy helps reduce inflammation and not only provides relief from pain but also helps reduce the risk of some chronic issues.  We can help you determine if cryotherapy is right for your condition.

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Why choose Living True Wellness for cryotherapy?

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