Medical Marijuana Program

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Medical Marijuana Program

What is a medical marijuana program?

Living True Wellness offers a medical marijuana program that is New York state-regulated. We help patients find relief and long-term recovery through high-quality products and state-regulated processes. This program is for patients who need products containing THC. For most CBD products, simply stop by our office to purchase, or order through our online store.

Our medical marijuana program process includes screening patients who qualify for the program, according to New York state regulations. For those who qualify, we certify through a state-run website and then print a certificate that allows the patient to purchase marijuana products through state-regulated facilities called medical dispensaries.

This program makes products containing THC available to certified patients. Studies have shown THC and CBD products are useful in treating a variety of medical conditions. This program may also be appropriate for narcotic-dependent patients who are working to ween off of substances. We advise our patients on the strength of marijuana products and help determine proper ratios of CBD and THC for their needs.

At the time of visit, we’ll discuss the correct treatment for the ailment.

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Do I qualify for this medical marijuana program?

There are several qualifications for the medical marijuana program in the state of New York. You must meet each criterion in order to qualify for the program certification. We will explain each of these in more detail if you schedule a consultation with us. Here is a brief list of qualifications for patients applying for certification:
Your application will be reviewed by the state and either approved or declined. If approved, you will receive your certification.

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Why choose Living True Wellness for the medical marijuana program?

At Living True Wellness, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimum health. Every treatment is physician-supervised, so you know you are getting the best care available.

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