Pharma-Grade Supplements with Optimal Bioavailability

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Pharma-Grade Supplements

Increased bioavailability for high-quality nutrition and absorption

What is a pharma-grade supplement?

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are high-quality products that are at least 99% pure without fillers, dyes, binders, or unknown substances. The benefits of pure, high-quality supplements are better bioavailability for increased absorption over supplements with fillers. Our suppliers guarantee the quality of their products’ dose strength and purity. They will provide lab analysis of the product if requested. These are some of the best supplement products on the market.

We carry a wide range of pharma-grade supplements available for purchase online and in our office. If you know which supplements you need, you can come in and purchase them directly. Selections include single-vitamin supplements, such as iron, vitamin A, or magnesium, as well as combination bottles for multi-vitamins. These will help your body make up for vitamin deficiencies as well as provide alternative supplements for anyone who has allergies or sensitivities to common medications.

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How do I know which supplements I need?

For patients desiring to pinpoint specific vitamin deficiencies, we highly recommend taking our extensive bloodwork panel test. This test will analyze your blood levels and reveal any vitamin deficiencies you may have, along with your lipid, hormone, cholesterol, and heavy metal levels. Based on those results, as well as looking at your medical history, we can recommend the best supplements and treatments for your body’s current needs.

I have allergies or cannot take certain medications. Do you have supplements I can take?

Many of our supplements have been created for people who have allergies to common products like Aleve or Ibuprofen. We have alternatives for a range of medications that treat joint pain, inflammation, ulcers, or gastric issues to name a few. Some of our products contain immuno boosting qualities as well.

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Why choose Living True Wellness for pharma-grade supplements?

At Living True Wellness, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimum health. Every treatment and supplement recommendation is physician-supervised, so you know you are getting the best care available.

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