Extensive Blood Panel Testing

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Extensive Blood Panel Testing

An extensive blood panel is a blood test that provides a comprehensive view of a patient’s current blood levels so we can evaluate overall health.

The test measures hormone levels, vitamin deficiencies, heavy metals, and contaminants. We also provide an in-depth lipid profile to analyze cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which along with other values determine cardiac risk factors.

Once the test is complete, we sit down with the patient to go over what the blood levels are telling us. We identify areas that pose a threat to their health, as well as areas in which treatments and supplements will boost their health and energy. We will help them understand what the information means so that they can make informed decisions about their health.

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Who Needs Bloodwork Analysis?

We highly recommend this bloodwork test to all of our incoming patients. In some cases, we require patients to take the test before we determine doses for treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement or certain intravenous therapy fluids. We also use the results to recommend supplements to help boost their body’s deficiencies.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, a blood test is the best place to start. It will help you understand why your body is experiencing issues such as fatigue or inability to lose weight. Hormone, vitamin, contaminant, and lipid levels play a crucial role in your health. Each one will give us a starting place to treat symptoms effectively.

We also utilize the blood test results to help prevent more serious issues, such as diabetes or other diseases. As we see patterns or identify risks, we can recommend the best preventative treatments to reduce risk.

Since everyone’s levels and situations are different, we do not deliver a one-size-fits-all solution for treatment. We create a customized plan based on this blood test. When we determine the best treatment plan for you, we also take into consideration your age, gender, and weight to create a specialized path uniquely tailored to you and your health goals.

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How long does it take to get results from blood panel testing?

Typically, it takes about 7 – 10 days to get the lab results from your blood sample. Once we have the results, we will schedule a time to sit down with you to go over the evaluation.

We will help you understand what the information means so that they can make informed decisions about your health.

Why choose Living True Wellness for Blood Panel Testing?

At Living True Wellness, we are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimum health. Every treatment is physician-supervised, so you know you are getting the best care available.

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